Sunday, 11 May 2008


I love to stitch this part. The star is wonderful, and the deer is very important for hungarian people.
It's a mythic symbol of a Hun origin-legend taking place in the 7-8 century A.D. when the ancestors of Hungarians migrated from their early home (Magna Hungaria) in north-east Europe, on the slope of the Ural mountain, toward south. During their wandering they reached Leved, extending beside the lake, called Azovi see today. The proto-Magyar "Magor" pursued together with his brother, "Hunor" a hind which lead them to south-west, towards Europe. In chasing the red deer they found their women and founded the Magyar and Hun clans. By following the path, shown by the wonder-deer, the descendents of "Magor" have been lead to the land of Pannonia where the Hungarian state came into existence.
You can read this legend in a ballad of Arany János The Legend of the Wondrous Hunt


Patty said...

Thanks for explaining the deer, Eva! I'm still stitching part 2 but I hope to get to part 3 soon.

Éva said...

Patty, why don't you show us your work? We are curious about it!