Monday, 27 October 2008

Hi ,
I completed the Hungarian Sampler. I enjoyed stitching every bit of this sampler very much. It is a beautiful project. I chose to use the Hungarian text in the sampler as I wanted the sampler to be fully Hungarian like its caption. But I would love to know the meaning of it in English. Could somebody help me? Thanks.


Milly~ said...

Beautiful job Viji.

Icurkapicurka said...

Hi Viji, your work is very nice.
The hungarian sentence "Minden kezdet nehez" meaning in English:
"All beginning is hard"

Éva said...

Very nice sampler! Thank you for stitching with us.

Viji said...

Thanks a lot Milly, Icurkapicurka and Eva for looking. A special thanks to Icurkapicurka for letting me know the meaning of the Hungarian text in English.