Saturday, 12 July 2008

Charity Project

Please read this! I’m not the organizer but a participant of this project. Please join us; they really live in a big need!

Dear Needle Magicians!
I’m asking you to participate in a charity project!
We’d love to give hand-made decorations for the Dévai Szent Ferenc foundation, for Böjte Csaba Franciscan monk's children homes. The children live there as a family. They live in separate flats, where 10-12 children are brought up. There are family homes, too where the pupil age children are spent their evenings, because of the very hard circumstance at home.
I’d like, if we would be able to turn the homes into more intimate, filled with love.
Each single little thing is a big treasure for them; we can give a big-big joy with this. Who would like to help, please prepare something for the children! This may be a wall picture, a pickpocket container, a pillow, a gymnastics sack, a tablecloth, a knitted or crocheted toy, doll. Or anything, else that is useful for the children, or makes them happy. The children are 3-18 years old.
You can read about the foundation HERE, in English.
The gifts would be made until end of September.
Thank you

If interested in, please write a comment here, or drop me a mail for the details.


Joanie said...

Eva, please contact me, as I would love to help.

Also, could you please tell me what thread colors you are using for your sampler? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me how I could help in this project.


Éva said...

Please visit the site:
You will find there the e-mail address of the organizer on the top right side. She is waiting for your message.
Thank you