Sunday, 2 March 2008


I received more questions about the ABC. If you want to understand the curiosities on the stitched one, you have to know a little about our writing. Our whole ABC is the following (I put a picture here because your browser settings might not support Hungarian characters. If so, try to change the Encoding method to Central European ISO 8859-2.):
You can see why S and Z have the same color. It’s one letter that sounds like the S in English. (sound, stitch, setting, …). If you are interested in, you can read more here.

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paru's_circle said...

thanks for the link.. extremely interesting.. its the same in my language we have a gh (together is one letter )and.. they are not pronounced when they are in a word, this makes the sampler authentic and truly Hungarian,one of the resons why I wnated to be in this SAL.. thanks very m cuh for the info