Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Just started

Hi! I'm Donna in Jerusalem.

I just started the sampler today. I'm using scavenged 22 count fabric and DMC floss in 796 and815. I'll try to take a picture tomorrow. I was so happy to actually start work after playing around with colors-- and then using none of my combinations. I've wanted to do a sampler for a long time and I LOVE this one. Thanks so much.

I'm using a hoop for the first time in adult memory and trying to decide whether or not to switch to a scroll frame. So far I am enjoying it being so compact but am worried about it damaging the stitching. Does anyone have any good tips on working with hoops?

We also had snow. I managed to take a few pictures before it melted so at least I'll have memories.


Catherine L. said...

Welcome Donna ... What a wonderful journey throughout the world with this project !
Love from France.

Éva said...

Sorry I don't work on hoops.