Thursday, 21 February 2008

Quick question

Hello to all. I am from the United States and found this blog through one of my cross stitch sites. I have decided to get the supplies I need to do it this weekend. My question is this - can any fabric or color be used? I noticed that a lot of the pictures use pretty much the same colors, but can I go another route? Just curious. Love the sampler and look forward to posting and getting to see everyone's work. Take care.


Catherine L. said...

Hello Lei ! Welcome here. If you want to know about the colors, you can refer to this message Apparently, any color can be used, as far as the result is in harmony !!!
I chose the bicolor version because, up to me, it represents better the image I have from Hungary.
Hugs from France

Mari said...

You have free choice.
In WXS files you can change the colors. But most important, you must see the real colors.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help. This should be fun as I have never done a sampler before, let alone chose my own colors. Will be an interesting project. Take care.