Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Phrase - Szólás

Sabine asked and I should write about it earlier:
What's the meaning of the words in the sampler? Would it be possible to get an english translation and stitch that instead of the hungarian words?
The hungarian phrase "Minden kezdet nehéz" says "All beginning is hard". I guess there is no similar phrase in english. But please suggest sentences instead of this. (Or if we don't find a common solution you may stitch what you want.)

Sabine megkérdezte, hogy mit jelenenek a magyar szavak. Kértem, hogy küldjenek javaslatot helyette.


Catherine L. said...

Eva, I will ask the question on the American forum where I discovered the sampler. They certainely will give the right translation for this meaning !

Sabine said...

Hello Eva!
Thanks for the translation. The german meaning of the words would be "Aller Anfang ist schwer". Maybe, we could personalize our Samplers with the phrase in our own language by using the alphabet.

Greetings Sabine

Catherine L. said...

Eva, I got the following answers for the English version :

The first step is the hardest.

and another : "Good things come to those who wait" which is slightly different.

Mari said...

Thank you, Sabine and Catherine!
"THE FIRST STEP IS THE HARDEST" pattern is ready.

paru's_circle said...

grat phrase, i am going to love stitching it!

Cathy C said...

Hi Eva,
Catherine from Rio Rancho, New Mexico in the United States. I love this sampler, and will be picking fibers and fabric for it soon. I am thinking of doing this in red and blue possibly, but we'll see.
As for the phrase, I was thinking there is a Chinese proverb that goes something like this. "The longest journey begins with the first step." not quite the same message, but about beginning something new. I'm sure there are others that would work in the same space, no matter what language is used.