Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Red-black / Piros-fekete

We will put the second pattern here in the middle of March. So you have one month to stitch the first. / A második részletet március közepén kapjuk. Egy hónap alatt kéne tehát befejezni az elsőt.
Here is a color sample for you, I like it! / Itt van az új piros-fekete mintakép. Nagyon szép!


Nancy said...

This sampler will be so beautiful and very enjoyable to stitch! Thank you so much for doing this.

Team Boustead said...

I'm really looking forward to doing this - it's my first SAL!
I also think your design is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Eva,
der Sampler ist sehr schön, ich habe Dich auf meiner Seite vorgestellt.
Grüße Eva
Hello Eva, the sampler is very beautiful, I will show it on my site.
Greetings Eva

marie-jeanne said...

the sampler is beautiful.
I'd like to join

Marifé said...

It's a very nice sampler. Thank you. I will tell my friends.

Greetings from Spain

Éva said...

Thank you, I'm happy that you like the sampler!
marie-jeanne: Please send an e-mail and I'll post you an invitation.

Sabine said...

Hello SAL Team!
I like your sampler very much. But before I'm going to stitch it I would like to know what's the meaning of the words in that sampler is. Would it be possible to get an english translation and stitch that instead of the hungarian words? Sorry, but my hungarian is very bad.

Greetings from Germany

Éva said...

I answer you in a new post, so everybody can see it immdiately.
I should it translate earlier, you are right.